Acne can lower your confidence level and body acne is a big contributor to a low self-esteem. If you have acne in any part of your body you will be unable to wear sexy clothes. You too will be unable to wear swimsuits. Most experts reveal that having acne on any part of your body can be largely due to genetics. The palms of your hands and the soles of your feet are the only parts of your body where acne cannot appear because these parts are lacking in sebaceous follicles. To increase your confidence and self esteem you need to learn how to get rid of body acne.

Causes of Body Acne

Before you work on how to get rid of body acne, here are some of the causes of body acne.

  • Heredity. If any of your parents have these skin outbreaks, chances are you will be having them, too.
  • Excessive perspiration. Some work environments make you sweat a lot. If you excessively perspire a lot, the greasiness of your skin will increase your risk of having acne on your body.
  • If you always wear tight fitting clothes that do not allow the air to circulate freely, you will be exposing your body acne. Cotton instead of silk allows a free flow of air in your body.
  • Starving to reach your ideal weight? Get ready for acne to appear in your body.
  •  Teenagers who are going through the puberty stage as well as pregnant women are prone to having acne in both their faces and bodies.

Getting Rid of Body Acne

Do you notice acne in your chest, shoulders and back? It is hard enough to deal with acne on your face, but acne on your body? It will take a lot of patience but there is a way to get rid of them. The best treatment for acne in your body is to always take a shower. Use loofah sponge or a clean washcloth with acne soap. Avoid using the oily type of soap because they may cause your skin to further break out.

After taking a shower, allow your entire body to dry up before putting on your clothes. Applying benzoyl peroxide which is an anti-bacterial solution often gives good results. Just like facial scars, body scars due to acne can also appear. Apply emu oil immediately after the acne is cured to lessen the scar. How to get rid of body acne resolves basically around good body hygiene.

Preventing the Appearance of Body Acne

Reducing the risk of having acne in your body is simple. Take regular showers if you sweat heavily and always change your clothes. Wear cool and comfortable clothes that allow air to circulate around your body.  More importantly, use mild cleansers in your body instead of cosmetic soaps. It is relatively easy to deal with body acne.