Acne Treatment – Products and other ways

Are you not going out socially for the fear of acne? Do not worry as there is help available now. Acne is a peculiar form of skin disease where the skin develops rashes, pimples etc. and the skin looks red and ugly. This form of skin disease can be very depressing and there have been certain cases where people have even resorted to extreme measure because of their inability to control acne. It is imperative to get the best acne treatment possible to ensure that the bout of acne does not get repeated again and is rooted out from the system. Here, we will discuss a few medicines which are reported to be the best in terms of treatment for acne and certain precautions and measures to help avoid or minimize the effect of it.

  Products for treatment of acne:

We should not by any means want to pluck the acne as it can lead to ugly acne scars. The best course of events is to opt for medicines for acne treatments. Enumerated below are a few medicines which are the top medicines prescribed for the treatment of acne vulgaris. These medicines are safe to use and are known not to cause any harm or side effects of any sort.

• 7 Days Acne Detox: This is anti acne pill which help in the lessening of adult acne to a very great extent. When taken, it produces a cleansing effect within the body and helps the body to get rid of excess oils and toxins. These pills are made up of ingredients which helps the body in detoxifying itself. It has been clear from the very beginning that adult acne treatment has to have external or topical as well as internal application of medicines to cure the condition.

• Acnetix: It is a scrub for the face and is made of all natural ingredients. This is one of the natural acne treatments and therefore poses no threat to the skin of a person. One has to gently scrub the face using this product and can see changes within 2-4 weeks of its regular use and application.

• Biodermazen: To cure the condition and make your skin acne free, Accutane was earlier recommended. But due to its side effects, people stopped taking it. Instead, the gap was filled by Biodermazen which is a natural supplement to cure the condition and acts as an acne remedy. This medicine works by flushing the toxins out of the body. So, if you have been using topical applications to cure your acne but are looking for that one thing which will make it go completely then this product is the best of acne products and made especially for you.

• Acjuva: It is a savior for those who are suffering from acne problems and contains a 3 step approach towards the cleansing of the skin. In fact, the biggest benefit is that this product does not contain ‘benzoyl peroxide’ which leads to a lot of harmful side effects and blistering of skin.


Dermabrasion is a procedure used for treating acne scar. It is a very painful procedure and requires a shot of anaesthesia to be given to the patient. This procedure is used to rub down the skin thereby removing or minimizing the acne scars. One of the remedies for acne is to buy a microdermabrasion cloth and try the procedure yourself. Apart from lessening the scars, the cloth also removes dirt from the pores of the skin leading to a polished and rejuvenated look.

Laser treatments:

For more affluent people, laser acne removal is the best method of acne treatment. This works well on both back acne as well as acne on the face. The treatment works with laser emitting the light which heats up a particular patch on the skin and burns the hair follicle and sebaceous gland containing therein. This is a FDA permitted cosmetic procedure for acne treatment which is used not only for the removal of acne scars but also to minimize the chances of acne appearing on your body. This technique can also treat hormonal acne as well.

Other ways to treat acne:

Apart from the above mentioned ways of adult acne treatments, there are other lesser known ways too. Exposing your skin to photodynamic therapy and red and blue light can also help you get over acne. No matter how pronounced your condition is, these treatments are slow but are sure to deliver the results according to your satisfaction. These techniques are not that popular and are lesser known varieties of acne removal. It is in fact a smart and sophisticated way of acne remedies wherein you can completely avoid the topical use of harmful chemicals such as ‘benzoyl peroxide’ and taking pills or tablets to counter the same. Another home acne treatment is the application of Tea tree oil or Aloe Vera on the affected areas to keep the skin clean and cool. Too much of body heat is also known to have cause acne. Regular application of either of them once or twice can slowly erase the condition. The only pitfall of these remedies is that it is very time consuming and people do not have patience to wait and watch.

Acne scar treatment is a difficult and laborious task as the mark of acne does not fade away easily. In fact, any scar for that matter never goes off. It is a way to make us realize that our body has suffered and emerged victorious. Using acne solutions and other products are just ways to ensure that the symptoms do not occur again. These treatments are also to be supplemented with a good and healthy diet and lots of water. Try to know the causes of acne which is over the production of oils in the sebaceous glands. Devise a plan which includes water, juices, cereals, fruits etc to remain healthy and free of this disease. You can also use safe and natural acne home remedies. Changing your lifestyle and food habits can bring in a sea change in you as well as your condition of the skin.