The truth is slowly dawning on us that many of the people affected by acne are not just teenagers or those in their early twenties, but as many as half of all just teenagers or those in their early twenties, but as many as half of all adults too are being affected by this skin disorder. The reason why acne breaks out has not as yet been found, though one thing is for sure and that is that pharmaceutical companies are vying with one another in order to provide the best adult acne remedy.

Natural Remedy Is The Best

However, many of the adult acne remedies being sold on the market today have failed miserably in getting rid of acne and so; it is worth finding out more about those that do work. The best adult acne remedy is sure to be one that is natural as when the mind becomes overburdened with worries and disturbing thoughts, it will lead to a person becoming prone to developing acne, and so, learning how to overcome these worries is essential to succeeding in finding an effective and natural adult acne remedy.

Too much worry or being taken up by deep thinking can make you stressed beyond acceptable limits and this will mean that you could start developing acne. It follows then that the first natural adult acne remedy is to bring down stress levels because stress is a major factor behind the development of adult acne.

Another contributing factor to developing acne is lack of sleep which is something that affects people that are very stressed out in life. A simple adult acne remedy is to get at least seven hours of sleep at night which is enough to make your acne disappear without much fuss or bother.

If you do not drink enough water, you will again be at risk of developing acne and because you may not find time to drink copious quantities of water on a daily basis (because of work of family load) you will leave you open to developing acne. The best adult acne remedy in such situations would be to drink a minimum of ten glasses of water on a daily basis.

Honey is another useful adult acne remedy as it can remove acne in people in a very short space of time, and it only requires dabbing a bit of honey on the affected spot prior to going to bed and washing it off the following morning.

There are not so many acne remedies that qualify for being considered the best acne remedies though among them are mixing lemon with rose water, using certain toothpaste, and also applying mint, cucumber as well as using home vinegar.

A final adult acne remedy that has proved to be very effective in removing acne is to change one’s diet; especially, reducing meats and foods containing a high amount of cocoa and substituting them with fruits as well as vegetables. In two to three days you will start to notice a gradual fading of acne and you can also use a detox diet as yet another suitable adult acne remedy.